Educate & Elevate: Hip hop Fashion Icons

Check out my 2nd blog post for the guys over at Educate & Elevate, it’s on my favourite type of hip hop artists (80’s, 90’s and now)… ones that have a sweet style as well as sound… the best combo!



Educate & Elevate Blog Takeover

If you haven’t heard of Educate & Elevate you need to check them out!


I’m taking over their blog from mid-March to mid-April which means I get to write about hip hop/fashion/90s/influences… Basically everything I love!

I’ve admired this brand ever since I came across them as they embrace the same things that I do when it comes to fashion, music, attitude and lifestyle.

I’m hyped to be writing for their blog and I hope you enjoy checking out my posts. The first one is on Tommy Hilfiger in the 90’s and their connection to the hip hop industry.

Below is a quote from the guys at Educate & Elevate explaining what they’re about and exactly why I love them.

“We miss the 90’s. Like real bad. We’re sick of people looking like clones of each other and we wanna see something different. We want to see girls looking like they stepped straight outta TLC’s “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” video, making baggy clothes look sexy. Guys bringing a lil of that Fresh Prince multicolour vibe to 2012.” (source)


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Nameplate Necklace Hype!

Dawn Nameplate Necklace

I’m currently a VERY happy girl as I’ve finally got my belated graduation present and something I’ve wanted for a long long time, a 9ct gold nameplate necklace.

I’ve wanted a gold nameplate necklace for years and years, especially as before this I didn’t own any expensive jewellery. I like the idea of wearing your name around your neck, and for me it’s definitely not influenced by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In The City.

It’s more the hip hop/urban fashion side that appeals to me. I also love how I can wear this necklace with more formal outfits in addition to more casual looks, keeping formal fun and letting my preference for urban style shine through.

Dawn Nameplate Necklace

If you’re interested in having a nameplate necklace made I recommend you check out Thomas Nayler Bespoke Jewellery Design. The design and manufacture of my necklace cost around £275 but prices vary with cheaper options on gold plated designs.

Thomas, based in London, is one of the best jewellery designers when it comes to nameplate necklaces having made the below necklace for Cherly Cole in Vogue. From a PR perspective, he’s had great success with magazine coverage in addition to many other celebrities wearing his designs too (see here).

Cheryl Cole nameplate necklace



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