Educate & Elevate: The 4th Fashionable Hip hop element… Graffiti

My final blog post for Educate & Elevate is all about graffiti and its links with the world of fashion. Check it out here!

I’ve had such an awesome time writing for Educate & Elevate as I’ve been able to write about my favourite topics for a brand  I really love and admire.

Shout out to the E&E Team for having me and hopefully we’ll work together again in the future!

Stay elevated!



Educate & Elevate Blog Takeover

If you haven’t heard of Educate & Elevate you need to check them out!


I’m taking over their blog from mid-March to mid-April which means I get to write about hip hop/fashion/90s/influences… Basically everything I love!

I’ve admired this brand ever since I came across them as they embrace the same things that I do when it comes to fashion, music, attitude and lifestyle.

I’m hyped to be writing for their blog and I hope you enjoy checking out my posts. The first one is on Tommy Hilfiger in the 90’s and their connection to the hip hop industry.

Below is a quote from the guys at Educate & Elevate explaining what they’re about and exactly why I love them.

“We miss the 90’s. Like real bad. We’re sick of people looking like clones of each other and we wanna see something different. We want to see girls looking like they stepped straight outta TLC’s “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” video, making baggy clothes look sexy. Guys bringing a lil of that Fresh Prince multicolour vibe to 2012.” (source)


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Fashion Inspirations & Idols

If I could steal one person’s wardrobe, it would be Rita Ora’s. Her love of bold, bright outfits crossing the lines of street wear and sport luxe is what I love about her look. In addition to the image above, below are 2 more examples of why I love her style…

When I think of styles I like I think of the following words : fun, bright, bold, pattern, print, sport, urban, 90s era, culture, aztec, tomboy, street style, hip-hop, tribal, feminine, clash, tough, multi colour, diversity.

Rita Ora aside, the Fresh Prince is a big style icon of mine. As a massive 90s hip-hop fan, the style of this era is a big influence on the clothes I like. For me, Will Smith in the Fresh Prince is the ultimate style icon and inspiration, embracing everything I love about fashion.

I recently discovered a brand called Educate & Elevate selling retro inspired 90s street wear. I’m grateful I came across it as I love everything about this brand. If you share a similar style you should definitely check them out at

Finally, what I like most about fashion is that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to style. Disagreeing on what clothes and looks you like is a positive thing. It’s the diversity fashion offers to each individual that is creative and fun to explore!



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