MSc International PR Distinction

I’ve recently received the degree result for my Masters in International PR and I’m incredibly happy to announce I’ve been awarded a Distinction!

I’ve found that studying International PR at Masters level has equipped me with a unique set of skills specific to PR which I’ve been able to unite with my ongoing practical PR experience. I’m therefore incredibly happy with my degree result as it confirms my ability of both studying for a Masters degree and my competence in my chosen career sector of Public Relations.

I dedicated a previous post to my Beauty & Fashion PR Dissertation, which I’m happy to say I received a Distinction for too (77%). Receiving the news of my degree result has put me in an even greater positive mindset with respect to my PR career path, something I’m dedicated to achieving success in.

I’m currently thoroughly enjoying working at Beauty PR agency JWPR, and I feel certain that Beauty is the perfect PR sector for me :)

Celebrations at work…..


Beauty PR x London

I’m starting an Internship at London Beauty PR agency JWPR next week, meaning this week has involved lots of preparation, product testing, packing, shopping, and general excitement. Having worked in Beauty PR before, I can’t wait to return to the industry now that I’ve completed my PR Masters studies.

JWPR have an exciting range of hair and beauty clients, including one of my all time hero hair brands Batiste. Other brands the company work with include Nair, Denman, Aveda, and Darphin Paris. After meeting the team (including office dog Dolly!), I was lucky enough to leave with a bag of beauty goodies.

Batiste Light & Blonde has long been a staple in my hair routine, however it’s been great to try out the wide range of other products on offer from the brand. I particularly recommend the XXL Pumping Powder for those seeking some serious volume, and the new Oriental scent is my favourite yet! I’ve used Denman hairbrushes for as long as I can remember, and along with my Tangle Teezer, this Denman pink and black zebra print brush is ideal for easy styling on the go. Finally, Nair’s Brazilian Spa Clay worked wonders, leaving skin as soft and smooth as post-waxing minus the pain.

I love nothing more than discovering new wonder beauty products, and best of all I now get to work doing the PR for them too!

Beauty & Fashion PR Dissertation

I’ve recently completed and handed in my dissertation as part of my Masters in International Public Relations, something I’ve been constantly working on for the past 4-5 months. Reaching the end of my Maters PR studies and the end of my student life (finally!) feels amazing. With 7 months of full-time Internships already completed alongside my University studies, I feel 100% ready to enter the world of work.

Given my interests in Beauty and Fashion, it seemed only right to use these as the basis of my PR dissertation. Having already worked in Beauty PR, and having also experienced the Editorial side of the industry during my Internship at Now Magazine, exploring media relations between journalists and PR practitioners within these two industries was the ideal topic for me.

Interviewing a range of fashion and beauty journalists and PR practitioners in London was something I greatly enjoyed and found incredibly insightful. Although 15,000 words may sound like a lot, when it’s based around a topic you’re both passionate about and aspire to work in, it definitely helps!

I’ve enjoyed learning a great deal from studying for my Masters in International PR, and pairing this academic background with my extensive Internship experience means I can’t wait to apply all of my acquired PR and Marketing knowledge to the real world of work!

Jewellery Blogging: Thomas Nayler

I have a definite jewellery obsession… accessorising is serious fun! So when I finally received my belated graduation nameplate necklace, I decided to grab the chance of getting some more fashion blogging and social media experience too.

Before starting writing for, I was originally going to do PR for Thomas Nayler Jewellery. In the end I decided that for now I’d like to work in fashion writing full time, and work on a jewellery brand’s blog and social media in my spare time.

I can honestly say I’ve worn my nameplate necklace designed by Thomas Nayler almost every single day since I got it, and it’s fast become my favourite piece of jewellery. Since my most recent blog post for, I’m now badly craving a Lana-esque double finger ring too. Watch this space!

After connecting the brand to Polyvore, I created the below Celeb Summer Style Steal: Lana Del Rey set, featuring a Thomas Nayler personalised double finger ring and nameplate necklace.

Check out the Polyvore set here & the full blog post here

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Summer vibes…

Lana Del Rey – National Anthem

“Summer’s in the air and baby heaven’s in your eyes”

NOW Magazine Internship/Christmas 2012

Now Magazine 2012

December has been an exciting month as I got to work as Editorial Intern at Now Magazine, part of IPC Media. Being from a PR background and having worked for a Beauty PR Agency in London over summer, working on a busy weekly consumer magazine was a great opportunity I’d been looking forward to for months.

During my time at Now I worked in the editorial office assisting editors, particularly within the areas of Beauty, Fashion and Teen Now Magazine. I was sad to leave as I enjoyed every minute of my time there, however I’m looking forward to returning to my MSc International PR course with an informed outlook on how the industry works from a journalistic point of view.

I’m passionate about PR, and after working in Beauty PR over summer, I decided to start this blog as a way of combining my interests in beauty, fashion, writing and PR. Posts will span topics across these areas including beauty trends, product reviews, fashion inspirations, fashion idols, brands I admire, stand out examples of PR for fashion and beauty brands, and so on.

I hope you enjoy checking out my blog!



I'm currently PR Assistant at Beauty agency JWPR and a recent International PR Masters Graduate (with Distinction). In addition to my current role in Beauty PR, I also have previous Beauty PR experience from my time at Catalyst PR. Further experience includes copywriting, blog writing, and my position as Editorial Intern at Now Magazine. Twitter: @DawnCritchley E-mail:

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